The Act Of Dreaming

The Act Of Dreaming.


The Act Of Dreaming

Have you ever imagined a world without dreamers? A world were every one is satisfied with were there find themselves, a world were no one dreams of being greater than their present. A world were no one dreams big, imagine what such a world would look like, use a minute to think that out. If the world was filled with such kind of people then you should know that there would be no inventions, no growth, no development, the world would be such a terrible place, it would be no fun at all because there would be no electricity, phones, flights, cars for movement, machines to make things easier etc. Life would be so stressful and we all would not enjoy it at all

Therefore that means for the world to have been this developed it must have had a lot of dreamers who were ready to Dream big and act on their dreams because it’s one thing to dream and another to achieve your dreams so to achieve your dreams, you have to act on those dreams. Imagine if Bill Gates did not act on his dream, the world would definitely not have known him or heard of ┬áhim, maybe later someone else would have invented Microsoft and taken all the credit if he did not act fast on it Or Barack Obama the world’s ruler because we all know that America indirectly rules the world, if he never saw himself above his present, he would never have thought that he would be the first black man to rule America, if he told any one about such a dream when he was young am very sure there would have laughed him to scorn and would have not believed it. Lets bring it down to Nigeria imagine if Dangote never dreamed big when he was younger he would definitely not have been one of the world’s richest men and the list goes on and on.

You too can make a big impact to the world, you can become the world’s richest, you can invent something great, you can rule the world but it starts with a dream, What is your dream? Who do you want to become? What are your plans in achieving that dream? What’s your programme? Have you started acting on that dream? Are you letting yourself become discouraged because you have failed so many times? Can you remember Isaac Newton? the one who invented the electricity we are all enjoying now, do you know how many times he failed before he got it right? Imagine if he allowed himself to be discouraged, would you be hearing his name mentioned anywhere in the world i doubt, in fact we are all thought about him in school to show you how important he is, imagine if you do something so great that your name is added to the worlds curriculum, everyone must learn about you, wouldn’t that be great? if when your long gone from this earth your name would keep ringing in the world and people born into the world continue learning about you, WOOOW, wouldn’t that be so great?

So do not let yourself be discouraged, dream on and act on your dreams because that is the only way to transform your dreams into reality. This a call for action. Stop being lazy and dormant. Dream big and then you would be sure to make it to the top,

Be The Dreamer.